At the Chicago Temple, all are welcome, and we encourage you to explore the diversity of ways you can worship or be a part of our Chicago community. Look and see what is waiting for you at the Chicago Temple.


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May 23, 2016

Donate what you can, Take all you want

Through the month of June, the Chicago Temple will have the theater in the basement filled with a variety of things that have filled the Chicago Temple in hopes of cleaning out the clutter. All of the temple committees need to clean out their storage areas and th Every Sunday we welcome you to make a donation to the Chicago Temple, and in return, it is an all access pass to our own little yard sale. We are looking to get rid of everything we put in that room, so please come and take all you like!

April 22, 2016

UMC General Conference

The UMC General Confrence is May 10th - May 20th. There is a collection of issues to be informed on, and we have links to learn more... Continue Reading

April 21, 2016

Bishop's Appeal 2016

Next Sunday, May 1, there will be a special offering, the 2016 Bishop's Appeal, supporting Rosecrance Lakeview, a new counseling and recovery residence for young adults. Please think about imparting generously towards this cause which provides invaluable opportunities. For more on what your offering supports, please visit: www.rosecrance.org/launchtolife. Text-to-give code: ROSE


Silk Road Rising

Sacred Spaces and Our Connected Community.

Silk Road Rising is the theatre in-residence at the Chicago Temple. The unique and diverse stories told by Silk Road Rising bring forth conversations of race, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality and more in a healthy and creative space that works in unison with the Chicago Temple's message of acceptance and progress on all social fronts.