Art Exhibit: Which Way Our Children

Which Way Our Children Latino Art Exhibit


A Latino Perspective

Oct. 21, 2012 – Dec. 31, 2012

For a year, beginning with this exhibit, the Chicago Temple Art Gallery will present four exhibitions which explore the theme “Which Way Our Children”.

In the 21st century, the world, along with seemingly unlimited possibilities, is open to our children and the future. Communications technologies allow instant contact, face-to-face conferencing, and networking anywhere in the world.  Other technologies enable us to utilize the sun, wind and all the powers of nature, science and history to create and build nearly anything along with sustaining a healthy, prosperous life for both people environment. A vast array of arts and religions stimulates greater creative genius and healthy souls.  Yet, well over half the children of the world cannot access these rich resources because of poverty, poor education, inadequate food, prejudice, wars and other violence.  What is the future for our children?  Can we… how do we enable our children, the world’s children, to obtain and use global resources for a just world?

In this exhibit, the artists consider “Which Way Our Children” through fantasy and play, violence and war,  multi-cultural sharing, nature’s life forces, family, cultural heritage, music and the arts,  angels and guardians and the power to chart and direct our own lives.

Chicago Temple Art Gallery
77 W. Washington Street, 2nd Fl.
Chicago, Illinois

Reception with the Artists
Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012, 12:15-2:00PM

Exhibiting Artists

         Saul Aguirre                                   Jose Andreu

         Claudia Charo                                   Jose Estrada

         Reynaldo Ferdinand                     Lisa Limas

         Victor Montanez                            Star* Padilla

         Kaylee Sherrod                                   Rosy Torres

         Maria Villarreal                            Roman Villarreal


Co-Curators: Patricia Devine-Reed & Maria Villarreal

Installation & Support: Rachel Vande Griend, Erik Nussbaum, Sam Huber, Stephanie Vazquez, Tom Laidlaw 


Sunday 12:15PM to 4PM

Monday-Saturday 10AM to 4PM