Why Do Christians Think That?

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June 17, 2016


An Adult Education Class
Moderator, William Schweiker, Theologian in Residence

This five session Adult class will enable Chicago Temple members to meet and discuss some of the basic beliefs of the Christian faith. Each session of the class will be an open discussion among members, moderated by William Schweiker, on topics related to a theme for that session. The themes are meant to be open-ended discussion starters on aspects of Christian faith. The themes for the class are drawn from the famous Wesley Quadrilateral that denotes the basic sources for the United Methodist understanding of our common Christian faith. The series of classes ends with reflection on the role of the Church within the wider society. The purpose of the class, then, is to deepen our understanding of the Christian faith by openly discussing those questions each member has about the faith. We are trying to understand why Christians believe that about (say) Christ or the Bible or religious experience.

Sessions and Dates:

July 3, 2016: 1. “Jesus Is Lord.”
What Does It Mean?

July 10, 2016: 2. The Bible Is The Word of God.
What Does It Mean?

July 17, 2016: 3. One Is To Be Born Again.
What Does It Mean?

August 21, 2016: 4. Faith And Understanding Are Linked.
What Does It Mean?

August 28, 2016: 5. The Church Is In The World.
What Does It Mean?