A Message from Dick Nielsen

Dear Friends and Family at the Temple,

I have had the honor to chair the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force since its organization in July 2016, which has sought—through education and actions—to find ways to reduce the frequency of gun violence in our city, state, and country. We work on the problem from two directions: advocating legislation to help keep firearms out of the wrong hands and addressing the underlying societal issues contributing to gun violence.

This week, we are aghast at yet another unspeakable tragedy with many lives lost, and hundreds injured, by a rain of gunfire in Las Vegas. Our political leaders join us in prayer and in commendation of first responders: but, what next? And I have not even mentioned the blood of our young people on the streets of Chicago.

This sequence of events has become the new normal: Tragedy, thoughts and prayers, no action. Repeat. We cannot let this continue to be the new norm.

Click here to learn how gun lobbies thwart common sense modifications to our gun laws and how you can fulfill your part in preventing another tragedy.

Thank you for anything you can do to help our efforts.


Dick Nielsen

Here are some things you can do:

The gun lobby, largely funded by firearm and ammunition manufacturers, refuses to endorse even common sense ideas: personalized guns, trigger locks, study of gun violence as a public health problem, or preventing no-fly list persons from buying guns. Gun lobbyists enforce their position through funding of political leaders while the vast majority of Americans support gun regulations that will help limit the carnage. We need to tell our political leaders to put the common good ahead of the gun lobby funds.

  • Visit the websites of the Illinois Council against Handgun Violence (ichv.org) and Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (bradycampaign.org) to learn more about the issues and about how you can help.
  • Ask your Illinois General Assembly representative to support the Gun Dealer Licensing Bill (SB 1657) when it comes up for a vote later this month.
  • Seek out urban organizations where you can help give the youth of Chicago alternatives to a life of violence. (If you need ideas, please contact us at fumcgvprevention@gmail.com)
  • Talk to your friends and relatives about raising their voices to correct this new norm.