Church Council - Purpose: The Church Council is the governing body of the church and is responsible for moving the church forward and providing support for the ministries of the church. Peg Isaacson - Chair (

Care and Connection - (includes Bereavement) - Purpose: Connect with and support members of the congregation who may be experiencing extraordinary life challenges. David Myford - Chair (

Church and Society - Purpose: Expand the congregation's awareness of issues related to the social justice, environmental survival, and human welfare via The book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church 2012. Romney Amariah-Chair (

Reconciling Ministry - (sub-committee of Church and Society)- Purpose: This sub-committee is focused on LGBTQI issues in our church and the world we live in. Peg Isaacson and Rev. Wendy Witt - Co-Chairs (

Chicago Temple Family Ministries - (Formerly Children and Youth) - Purpose: Nurtures Christian education, supports families in worship, coordinates local and regional outreach, events, and builds meaningful and diverse community unity through fellowship. Lois Ray - Chair (

Communications - Purpose: Shape and facilitate the voice and face of the Chicago Temple internally and externally. We work to inform, educate, inspire, and communicate the church's vision to members, non-members, staff, visitors, civic leaders, the media and public, and all those who are touched by our witness and actions. Ron Zywicki – Chair (

Finance - Purpose: Responsible for developing and implementing plans that will raise sufficient income to meet the budget adopted by the church council. Kirk Twiss - Chair (

Hospitality Committee - Purpose: To organize a schedule for refreshments and create a warm hospitable atmosphere for monthly Fellowship Hours after the 8:30 and 11 am Sunday services. This committee also hosts special events in the church. Jonni Miklos, Chair and Committee Members: Gloria Nelson (, Sharon Jones (, and Ergeline Calimlim (

Homeless Ministry - Purpose: To be a presence of our church to the homeless and impoverished in the heart of Chicago. Some services provided on Saturday mornings are: serving hot meals, distribution of clothing and social services, and a spiritual ministry. Steve and Karen Walton - Co-Chairs (

United Methodist Women - Purpose: Be a "community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persona through Jesus Christ, to develop a creative, supportive fellowship, and to expand mission through participation of the global ministries of the church." Barbara Green - Chair (

Mabuhay Fellowship and Friends - Purpose: Affirm our common heritage and deepen understanding of being Asian American Christians, foster a closer relationship as Christians through fellowship, workshop, and Bible Study, and participate in the church to strengthen the ministry of the church. Brian Richardson - Chair ( )

Reach Out and Reach In - Purpose: Foster existing relationships, encourage regular attendees and members to engage in the life and ministry of the church, and cultivate a culture of mentorship and involvement among members outside of and within the four walls of our church. Chuck Andrews - Chair (

Staff Parish Relations- Purpose: Administer the relationship between staff, congregation, and the district superintendent so the mission of the Church moves forward. Lester Munson and Elizabeth Dunn-Co-Chairs (,

Board of Trustees - Purpose: Responsible for the management of all property belonging our congregation.

Silk Road Rising - Purpose: Provide a structure for the Church Council and Silk Road Rising Theatre to communicate. Charles Emmons - Chair (

Church Treasurer - Charles Emmons - (

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance - Cheryl Magrini (

Church and Society - Purpose: Expand the congregation's awareness of issues related to the social justice, environmental survival, and human welfare via The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church 2012 - Darlene Bennett - Chair (

Missions - Ellen and Jim Daniels- Co-Chairs (,

Worship - Veada Sercye - Chair (

Nominations and Leadership
- Purpose: To provide annual Charge Conference a full slate of leaders and members for the committees and ministries. To listen to needs of each committee through NLD committee liaisons, To identify gifts and passions of members of congregation and offer doors through which their strengths can be used for the mission of congregation and the community, To support leadership through providing resources within the congregation and from the connectional church. Aimee Hilliard - Chair (


Chancel Choir
- Erik Nussbaum, Chair (
Gospel Choir - Adrian Dunn, Chair (
Youth Choir - Brenna Boncosky, Chair
Temple Strings - David Myford, Chair (
Temple Handbells - Erik Nussbaum, Chair (


Nursery - Jess Shaker, Nursery Coordinator
C.E. Pre-School - Doug Lowery & Jenn Trautvetter, Chairs
C.E. Kindergarden - Open Chair
C.E. Grades 2,3 - Mihaela Bosca, Nennette Alonzo, & Eunice Cronin, Chairs
C.E. Grades 4-6 - Open Chair
C.E. Grades 7-12 - Gary Roll & Kathy Schaeffer, Chairs
Nursery Sub Committee - Cheryl Price, Chair
Outreach Sub Committee - Kelly Lowery, Chair
Special Events Sub Committee - Yetunde Johnson, Chair
Camping Sub Committee - Chris Williams, Chair
Budget Sub Committee - Barb Green, Chair
Curriculum Sub Committee - Sarah Smith, Chair


Temple Youth - Erin Simmons, Chair
C.E. Dixon - Brenda Russell, Chair
C.E. Bible - Rev. Wendy Witt & John Barker, Chair
Women's Spirituality - Rev. Wendy Witt, Chair
C.E. Disciple (Sat.) - Rev. Myron McCoy, Chair