By reaching outside to the surrounding Chicago community and inside to our existing congregation, the Reach Out & Reach In committee strives to strengthen existing relationships, encourage regular attendees and members to engage in the life and ministry of the Chicago Temple, welcome visitors with radical hospitality, cultivate a culture of mentorship and involvement among members, develop relationships throughout the Chicago community, and increase the number of new members joining our church each quarter. Our committee strives to collaborate with other committees and constituencies within the Chicago Temple to help develop strategic communication, events, hospitality, and communication plans. We are able to implement our projects by continuing to develop relationships outside of and within our four walls.


• Host “Bring-a-Friend-Or-Family-Member-to-Church” Sunday every six months to encourage current Chicago Temple members to be intentional inviting their social circles to a service, promoting the spiritual practice of evangelism.

• Collaborate with Care and Connections Committee to reach out to existing members who haven’t attended a service in the last six months with a phone call.

• Develop relationships with Chicago community members by working with real-estate building managers, college administrators and hotel staff to raise the community’s awareness about their proximity to Chicago Temple.

• Take advantage of existing larger events planned by outside organizations, such as Chicago Historical Society’s tours and frequent races in the vicinity of the Temple, to offer radical hospitality and offer current information about the mission of the church to visitors.

• Intentionally welcome visitors by utilizing ushers and volunteers to take notice of new visitors, offer hospitality, welcome them via a small token of a welcome bag, and then contact them later about their interest in the Temple.

• Mentoring individuals going through our membership class via our program of Companions on the Journey where current members develop an intentional mentorship relationship with individuals currently going through that quarter’s membership class.



The Reach-In Reach-Out Committee has different volunteer opportunities, depending on what projects and plans are being implemented during that time. The following volunteer opportunities are available:

• Reach Out & Reach In Committee membership
• Greeters on Sunday mornings
• Hospitality hosts during outside organizations’ events
• Hospitality hosts during ‘bring-a-friend-or-family-member-Sunday’
• Welcome bag stuffers
• Companions for new members
• Callers for reach-in calls to Existing Members


The Reach-In Reach Out Committee meets monthly, usually the last Tuesday of each month in James Parlor.

Please contact Chuck Andrews or any member of the pastoral staff to get involved.