Stewardship Moment- April 15

Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Stewardship doesn’t only mean sharing your money with the church. Of course that is vital to keeping the church’s ministries alive, but simply sharing your time and a smile is important to someone needing a hot meal too.

The Homeless Ministry has been serving more than 140 brothers and sisters hot meals on Saturdays at Grace for the past four years. Want to get involved with the Homeless Ministry? Think your work schedule won’t allow you to volunteer? Think again. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities available during the week, at night, and on Saturday. Each week more than 30- 35 Temple volunteers organize, cook, transport, serve, sort, and clean-up to make the homeless ministry run smoothly. Everyone wears a nametag and everyone has a name! The ministry also provides basic medical services, limited legal assistance, and clothing.

For more information and opportunities about this important ministry, please contact Beth Jacobs at Beth says they are especially looking for volunteers to fill clothing orders. Don’t put it off-email her now.