Reconciling Ministries

Reconciling MinistriesWelcome to the LGBTQI and Straight Allies page of First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple. We formed this group of friends for support, social activities, and to tell our stories to each other and the greater community. Our hopes for this group are endless, and we hope you will join us!

We are planning social gatherings every 4-6 weeks and are open to ideas about how to engage, educate, and learn from each other and the congregation.We hope to build on the “statement of inclusion” that the church council approved in the early 1990’s. This statement is printed in every church bulletin and other documents published by the church. We continue this welcome and realize that it is a continual process for full inclusion of all as God’s children in the United Methodist Church and greater society.

Please for more information and questions contact us at

Statement of Inclusion

“We welcome all people to the life of this congregation. We believe that we are all in need of God’s love and grace and that God, through Jesus Christ, intends the church to be a community that incarnates love, grace and justice for all people. Holding true to that belief, we welcome and encourage all persons, including persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities, in every aspect of our Christian life together.”

– The First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple