Donate To The Chicago Temple

Click here to make an online donation to the First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple

SECURITY: The site is managed by the “e-Giving” division of Cokesbury, the United Methodist publishing company, and is used by churches throughout the United States. All transactions are encrypted and guaranteed secure.

FUNDS donated through this site will be deposited directly into our churches bank account within 2 business days. A detailed report is submitted to the church office and all of your contributions will be reflected on your quarterly donation statement. All gifts are tax deductible.

FEES: There are fees but they will be absorbed by the church and will not affect your contribution, receipt for tax purposes, or your quarterly donation statement from the church office. As with all credit card transactions, standard rates do apply (2.5% for VISA, MasterCard, and Discover; 3.5% for American Express). Also, there is a $.25 service charge per transaction.

ITEMIZE YOUR GIVING. When giving through this site you will have 4 options:

  • One-Time Donation (to make single, general donations to the Temple)
  • Capital Campaign (to help pay for the renovation of the Sanctuary)
  • Pledge/Tithe (to pay towards your pledge)
  • Special Giving (to make special donations towards the specific Temple ministry of your choice. A box is provided to indicate where you would like your money to go. Options include, but are not limited to, Missions, the Homeless Ministry, the Tutoring Center, and Special Sunday offerings. Gifts “In Memory Of” and “In Honor Of” can also be indicated in the space provided.)

Thank you for your generous donation.