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SECURITY: All transactions are encrypted and guaranteed secure. FUNDS donated through this site will be deposited directly into our churches bank account within 2 business days. A detailed report is submitted to the church office and all of your contributions will be reflected on your quarterly donation statement. All gifts are tax deductible.


Send a text message to 312-313-1315 with the amount you want to donate (no dollar signs or decimals) Go to the URL you receive in the text reply and fill out the information requested. Once you press “send”, you will receive a confirmation text. The next time you give by texting, just follow step 1 and you’re done!


ACH Giving (Automated Contribution) allows your pledge to be drawn automatically from your bank account each month. The ACH Giving eliminates check writing, reduces paperwork and saves you time. It is hassle-free and there is no need for you to change your current banking relationship to take advantage of this service.

How do I sign up?
Complete the enrollment form(available at the Church office), attach a voided check, and return it to the church office. For deductions from a savings account, obtain your account number from the bank and attach a savings deposit slip.

Is there a cost to me?
No. This is a convenient and free service to you.

How can I change the amount of my pledge?
All we ask is that you put your request in writing to the church and we will do the rest.

How can I discontinue my participation in the ACH Giving?
Simply put your request in writing to the church and your participation in the program will be discontinued.

What if I have questions about my pledge?
Contact Joy Vinluan, Accounting Manager, at (312) 236-4548 ext. 112 or email with any concerns and she will respond to your questions.

When and how often will a deduction occur from my account?
First, your annual pledge will be divided into 12 equal installments. Then, each of these 12 contributions to the church will be deducted from your account on the 15th of each month or, in the event that the 15th is a non-business day, on the first business day after the 15th of each month.


There are four Funds associated with the First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple and all receive an annual audit by a non-member firm:

  • FUMC General Fund
  • FUMC Endowment Fund
  • FUMC Temple Fund
  • Aid Society Investments

General Funds:
The Church General Funds are managed by the Finance Committee and Church Treasurer from a Budget approved by the Church Council. With approval of the Staff Parish Relations Committee the Finance Committee appoints the Accounting Manager who manages the daily revenue and expenses of the FUMC. These monies are required to cover church operations: office expenses, salaries and benefits, program (committee budgets) and apportionments. Revenue sources are pledge and non- pledge giving, quarterly payments from the Aid Society and monthly payments from the Endowment Fund. Most of the Church General Funds are non-restricted, i.e. funds are spent at the direction of the Church Council. There are “Designated” funds, programs and pass-thru monies that are restricted, e.g. Special Sunday Offerings, organ restoration, etc.

Endowment Fund:
The temporarily restricted Endowment Fund was established to provide investment income to the General Fund for the support of programs, staff and usual expenses of the FUMC. Currently, 4.5% of the assets, as of December 31, are distributed to the General Fund on a monthly basis. The Chairperson reports to the Church Council and is elected by the Endowment Fund Trustees. Trustees of the Endowment Fund must be FUMC members, nominated to a Trustee position by Lay Leadership Committee and elected at Charge Conference. The Fund is under the jurisdiction of the Charge Conference.

Temple Fund:
This permanently restricted fund was set up by the Church to make grants using investment income for the religious, educational and charitable purposes that fit within the mission statement of the FUMC, but not for church operations or political organizations, i.e. the grants must be made to external organizations unrelated to the FUMC.  Requests for monies are considered on a quarterly basis and generally are only given to an organization once per year. Chairperson is elected by Temple Fund Trustees. Trustees must be FUMC members, nominated by the Lay Leadership Committee and elected at Charge Conference. The Fund is under the jurisdiction of the Charge Conference.

Aid Society (AS):
The First United Methodist Church of Chicago Aid Society (AS) owns and operates the building that is home to the FUMC, and has an obligation in perpetuity to house the FUMC. All Trustees of the Aid Society are members of the FUMC, but not nominated by the Lay Leadership Committee. The building is managed by a real estate management firm, which collects all rents and pays normal operating expenses as the agent for the AS. Pursuant to the original agreement between the Church and the Aid Society, the AS gives the General Fund the amount of $20,000 per year distributed in quarterly payments. In addition, the AS pays all utilities, security, maintenance and cleaning costs for the portion of the building occupied by the FUMC (basement, floors 1-4 and 22, and Sky Chapel). While these services include the senior pastor’s parsonage, they do not include cleaning of the parsonage. Trustees elect Officers and an AS Nominating Committee presents candidates to the AS Board for election.

Some others considerations:

  • The FUMC Accounting Manager keeps monthly copies of invested funds (Endowment and Temple) and supervises audits of these funds.
  • The FUMC Accounting Manager writes all checks from the General Fund which requires two signers.
  • The Accounting Manager and Clergy do not make bank deposits. Deposits and recordings of contributions are made by members of the FUMC assigned by the Church Treasurer and approved by Finance Committee. The Accounting Manger oversees and manages the chart of accounts.
  • Aid Society is audited by a separate auditor.
  • All recurring checks for the operation of the building are written by the Management Company employed by the AS. Any other checks are paid from a separate account maintained by the AS. These are written at the direction of the AS Treasurer and require two Trustee signatures.
  • All checks from Temple Funds are written by the Aid Society Accounting Manager employed by the Aid Society.
  • Disbursements from the Endowment Fund come from the Baird Investment firm.